General Outline

Company Name TDK Singapore (Pte) Ltd.
Head Office 166 Kallang Way, Singapore 349249
Date of Incorporation June 13, 1977
Business Sales and marketing of electronic components
Fiscal Term March
Name of Representative Kiyoshi Takimura

General Outline

TDK ASEAN Locations


1977 TDK Singapore (Pte) Ltd was established on 13th June, Located at LKN Building Cecil Street.
1982 FA or factory automation business established, introducing TDK AVI-sert machines.
1989 Malaysia manufacturing factory was established.
1991 Thailand Rojana manufacturing factory was established.
TDK Singapore assumed Regional Sales Roles, comprised of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
Recording Media Business Group was established through TDK Singapore.
1992 TDK Penang Sales Office was established.
1993 TDK Bangkok Office was established.
TDK Nilai Sales Office was established.
1998 Thailand Wangnoi factory was established.
2003 TDK Singapore ceased FA and re-assigned to Agent ASIA-Ecots.
TDK incorporated Philippines Sales office.
2009 TDK Singapore moved to Kallang.